Henry Margu – Sabrina Petite Mono Top


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Sabrina is a gorgeous short layered style from Henry Margu. Always in style! The cap is a Petite size and has a monofilament top for a natural looking and realistic scalp. The rest of the cap is “capless construction” with ultra thin weftings for ultra comfort! This style comes in Henry Margu’s great selection of colours.

Weight: 1.80 ounces

Bang: 3 1/2″, Nape: 2 1/2″, Top: 2 3/4 – 4 3/4″, Sides: 2 1/2 – 4″, Back: 2 1/2 – 4″, Eartab: 4″

Model is wearing 131GR

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Available Shades

4H Medium Dark Brown, 5H Dark Brown / Strawberry Highlight, 6H Chestnut Brown /Auburn Highlight, 7H Medium Brown / Carmel Highlight, 8H Medium Brown / Gold Brown Highlight, 8/14H Medium Brown/ Dark Brown/ Dark Blonde Highlight / Subtle Auburn Highlight, 8/27/33H Medium Brown/ Gold Strawberry Blonde / Auburn Highlight, 12H Golden Brown, 14H Dark Blonde / Wheat Blonde Highlight, 16H Ash Blonde / Platinum Highlight, 24H18 Ash Brown / Gold Blonde Highlight, 26H Light Gold / Light Blonde Highlight, 27AH Dark Strawberry Blonde / Dark Blonde Highlight, 31H Dark Auburn / Medium Brown/ Strawberry Highlight, 37 Light brown mixed grey on top graduating to medium brown mixed grey in back, 38H Light brown mixed with 50% grey on top and 25% grey in back, 43 Medium dark brown mixed grey on top graduating to dark brown mixed grey in back, 44H Medium brown mixed with 50% grey on top and 25% grey in back, 51H Light grey mixed with 25% medium brown on top and 50% medium brown in back, 56 Light grey mixed with 15% light brown, 60H Silver white on top mixed with 25% light brown in back, 130H Copper Red / Strawberry Blonde Highlight, 38/56GR Silver white highlighted with light grey and light brown and off black roots, 60/101GR Silver tones with light platinum highlights and brown roots