Henry Margu – Becky ( Mono Top )


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Shown in 29H

Gallery Model is shown in 88H

Becky is a monofilament top wig by Henry Margu Wigs in a short length all over tapered layers style. It offers the look of natural hair growth at the scalp, providing parting options and maximum styling versatility. With finger style and go wearability, along with natural hair movement, it looks incredibly real. A lightweight and breathable cap construction provides cool and comfortable wear.

Weight: 1.80 ounces
Bang: 4″, Nape: 1 3/4″, Top: 2″ – 3 1/2″, Sides: 1 3/4 – 2 3/4″, Back: 1 3/4 – 3 1/4″, Eartab: 2 3/4″

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Available Shades

1BH Off Black, 4H Medium Dark Brown, 4GR Dark Brown / Medium Brown Highlight / Black Root, 5H Dark Brown / Strawberry Highlight, 6H Chestnut Brown /Auburn Highlight, 7H Medium Brown / Carmel Highlight, 8H Medium Brown / Gold Brown Highlight, 8/14H Medium Brown/ Dark Brown/ Dark Blonde Highlight / Subtle Auburn Highlight, 8/27/33H Medium Brown/ Gold Strawberry Blonde / Auburn Highlight, 12AH Golden Brown / Light Auburn Highlight, 12GR Golden Brown/ Light Auburn Highlight / Brown Roots, 12H Golden Brown, 14H Dark Blonde / Wheat Blonde Highlight, 16H Ash Blonde / Platinum Highlight, 24H18 Ash Brown / Gold Blonde Highlight, 26H Light Gold / Light Blonde Highlight, 26GR Gold Blonde/ Light Blonde / Brown Roots, 27AH Dark Strawberry Blonde / Dark Blonde Highlight, 27GR Strawberry Blonde/ Dark Blonde Highlights / Brown Roots, 27/26H Gold Blonde / Strawberry Blonde Highlight, 29H Dark Auburn / Copper Red / Bright Red Highlight, 31H Dark Auburn / Medium Brown/ Strawberry Highlight, 33H Dark Auburn / Copper Highlights, 37 Graduated Grey, 38 Light Brown / 10 % Grey, 43 Graduated Grey, 44 Off Black / 50% Grey, 51 Medium Brown / 75% Grey, 56 Silver, 60 White, 88H Dark Strawberry Blonde / Wheat Blonde Highlights, 130H Copper Red / Strawberry Blonde Highlight, 131H Bright Red / Auburn Highlight, 614H Light Wheat Blonde / Light Gold Blonde Highlight, 2400H Auburn / Bright Red Highlights, 2500H Dark Gold Blonde / Light Blonde Highlight, 2600H Golden Blonde / Light Blonde Highlights