New Image – Feature Petite ( Basic Cap )


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Short, softly curled layers on the top, graduate to a smooth tapered neck and sides.

Head Size: Petite

Model is wearing 12+

Top: 3 1/2″, Back and Sides: 2 – 3 1/2″, Nape: 2″

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Available Shades

G6+ Coffee Mist, G8+ Chestnut Mist, G10+ Nutmeg Mist, G12+ Pecan Mist, G13+ Cappuccino Mist, G14+ Almond Mist, G15+ Buttered Toast Mist, G16+ Honey Mist, G27+ Ginger Mist, G30+ Paprika Mist, G33+ Bordeaux Mist, G38+ Sugared Walnut, G44+ Sugared Chestnut, G56+ Sugared Silver, G58+ Sugared Almond