Henry Margu – Danielle ( Basic Cap )


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Danielle by Henry Margu is a long layered shag wig combined with a capless construction and ultra-thin wefting

Both Models are wearing 626H

Weight: 3.25 ounces
Bang: 4 1/2″, Nape: 7″, Top: 3 1/2″ – 6 1/4″, Sides: 6 1/4 – 7 3/4″, Back: 5 1/2 – 7 3/4″, Eartab: 7″

Overall length 14 1/2″

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Available Shades

1H Black, 1BH Off Black, 4H Medium Dark Brown, 5H Dark Brown / Strawberry Highlight, 6H Chestnut Brown /Auburn Highlight, 7H Medium Brown / Carmel Highlight, 8H Medium Brown / Gold Brown Highlight, 8/14H Medium Brown/ Dark Brown/ Dark Blonde Highlight / Subtle Auburn Highlight, 8/27/33H Medium Brown/ Gold Strawberry Blonde / Auburn Highlight, 12AH Golden Brown / Light Auburn Highlight, 12H Golden Brown, 14H Dark Blonde / Wheat Blonde Highlight, 16H Ash Blonde / Platinum Highlight, 18/22H Ash Brown/ Ash Blonde Highlight, 24H18 Ash Brown / Gold Blonde Highlight, 26H Light Gold / Light Blonde Highlight, 27AH Dark Strawberry Blonde / Dark Blonde Highlight, 27/26H Gold Blonde / Strawberry Blonde Highlight, 29H Dark Auburn / Copper Red / Bright Red Highlight, 31H Dark Auburn / Medium Brown/ Strawberry Highlight, 33H Dark Auburn / Copper Highlights, 88H Dark Strawberry Blonde / Wheat Blonde Highlights, 130H Copper Red / Strawberry Blonde Highlight, 131H Bright Red / Auburn Highlight, 614H Light Wheat Blonde / Light Gold Blonde Highlight, 626H Medium Brown/Golden Blonde Highlights, 2400H Auburn / Bright Red Highlights, 2500H Dark Gold Blonde / Light Blonde Highlight, 2600H Golden Blonde / Light Blonde Highlights